Muscular Weakness

Generalized muscle weakness: (rehabilitation of muscular weakness after injuries, post-operative muscle weakness, disuse atrophy, etc.)
Muscle weakness due to the inability to ambulate, for whatever reason responds to Vibration therapy quite effectively.  This is effortless exercise and also applies post injury in selected patients.
Other types of muscle weakness: (severe chronic lung disease or immobility from chronic disease.)
We have seen remarkable benefits in overall function in patients with severe Chronic Lung Disease.  These patients have muscle weakness and atrophy secondary to the inability to ambulate for a significant duration, and our therapy improves mucous expectoration as well.
Elderly patients with fall risk, balance difficulties and poor quality of life.
Vibration therapy improves balance, decreases fall risk and improves quality of life in elderly nursing home residents.  It has been shown to decrease the age related loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) in elderly men.