What is  Vibro-Therapy?

Vibrotherapy Technology is the integral component of Advanced Therapy.  How does it work  and is it safe and effective?

             In brief, Vibrotherapy is an FDA approved device that employs a powerful low frequency mechanical vibration that provides a myriad of positive physiologic effects to the muscle, blood vessels and nervous system.  It is uniquely designed to be safe and effective, is portable and is unlike any other device known available today.

             Vibrotherapy is true effortless exercise.  It is safe, comfortable and has relatively few contraindications.  While it feels good and is painless, it illicits the TVR (Tonic Vibration Reflex) - stretching muscle fibers to increase strength without effort.  In addition, musculoskeletal pain as well as neurogenic pain can be improved or resolved due to central inhibition of the pain center.  Muscle blood flow increases and neuromuscular adaptation is facilitated unlike any other therapy known.

             Vibrotherapy has been shown to be superior to TENS with regard to myofascial and musculoskeletal pain.  It is a very effective tool to facilitate voluntary muscle contractions in paretic (paralyzed) muscles and is superior to most techniques used to treat muscle disuse atrophy from various causes.  It has also been shown to improve balance and decrease fall risk in elderly patients.

             For further details regarding the scientific basis of Vibrotherapy, please click HERE.

             Vibrotherapy is not indicated for immediate post - op rehabilitation of orthopedic or spine surgeries.  It is also not indicated for patients with acute or chronic deep venous thrombosis (blood clots) or unstable cardiac disease.  If a patient has a pacemaker or defibrillator and requires vibration near the implantation site, this must be approved by the patient’s cardiologist.